Protector of the Small (elderwood) wrote in hpfaq,
Protector of the Small

Hello, all. I got bored and made some friends only banners. I know that FO banners aren't allowed on hp_icons but I thought that perhaps here they might be, especially because the ones under the cut are house-specific.

As per-usual, please no hotlinking. You don't have to give me credit, though it would be nice. I made these only to make a few fellow HP loving people happy. Please enjoy them.
These are cross-posted to hp_banners and hphouseicons.

The end.
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Would you mind if I used this for my sorting community hatsorting? It's new, not yet open, transferring from hogwartsorting.
Just thought I'd check in. I'll credit you, though, of course!
Go right ahead! I'd be delighted. Let me know when it gets started, too. I'll join.
Thanks so much =] I want to open April 1, so keep your eye out for announcements on hogwartsorting. I would tell you to apply there (hogwartsorting) now, but there have been some problems with the application.
Thought I'd drop a line and let you know we're moving to moonlit_stag instead of hatsorting. Opening April 1, as meantioned. The app is up :D