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hpfaq's Journal

Harry Potter Frequently Asked Questions
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HPFAQ stands for Harry Potter Frequently Asked Questions. You may ask or answer any questions in this community. Though this was created to answer your questions, there are very few rules and you can post whatever you'd like about Harry Potter. From banners or LJ icons you've made to a recent fan fiction you've written or read that you'd like to share with others. Anything, really!

But, as in all communities, there has to be some structure and rules!

  1. Do not flame, insult, curse at, or demean any other member. If you break this rule, you will be banned. We don't permit "livejournal drama".
  2. If your post has large pictures please put it into an LJ cut. [Instructions on how to do this is below]
  3. PLEASE try and make your posts "friends only". [Just below the update box there are a few options, scroll down from 'public' and put it on 'friends']
  4. No posts not related to Harry Potter, please.
  5. If you want to promote your Harry Potter community, please put it behind an LJ cut with the title "Promotion".

How Do I...
  1. Use a LiveJournal or LJ cut?

  2. Make entries "friends only"?
    Under entry box there are options. Go to Security (first option) and scroll down from 'Public' to 'Friends'.

  3. Post pictures?
    First, use an image hosting site like Photobucket.